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Time to make a change
Why see a psychotherapist?

Connection is at the core of all human experience but there are times when we can feel lost. Each of us needs to be seen, to be heard and to be understood. We long to belong but belonging can feel impossible. Right now, the world is undergoing changes that we have never experienced before. Times are tough, people are suffering and don't. know where to turn. Psychotherapy is a place to explore where you are and open a window into your inside world.


Psychotherapy is where we let the light in to allow change to begin. 

Sleep psychotherapy and CBTi

Problems with stress and sleep are common and on the rise. Many people don’t get enough sleep, and even those that do often don’t get the quality of sleep they need to feel rested in the morning. Either way, you wake up feeling exhausted and dread the start of a new day,

Life is filled with chronic, primarily psychological, pressures for many of us. These result in ongoing stress, and sleep deprivation are hard on the body. Your body’s biological mechanisms pay the price resulting in sleep issues including insomnia, problems with gut health and digestion, fertility issues, and immune dysfunction.

But there is a way forward...

Heather believes in a psychobiological approach to therapy. This is the interconnection between cognition (what we are thinking) and mood (how we are feeling) and how these are fundamentally interconnected to our biology (how the body responds). Working from this perspective is a joined-up holistic approach. Mind and body are not separate and are wholly interconnected with social, environmental and cultural factors.. Sleep problems do not occur in isolation, so it is essential to work with the whole person and to understand their world, not just the symptom.

Psychotherapy and CBTi (Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia) are roadmaps for change.

Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, is a way to help people with a wide variety of mental illnesses and emotional difficulties. It can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms to enable you to function better and improve mental health and well-being.


CBTi is an evidence-based therapy that has been shown to help people recover from insomnia and resume healthy sleeping patterns.


Working from a psychobiological perspective on how we think and feel will change our biology. Finding how to breathe and reconnect with the body will change our thoughts and emotions. It will reduce stress – we find a way to switch off so the body can return to a place of balance - homeostasis. This is the way back to good sleep and well-being.

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