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As a psychotherapist who specialises in sleep, I am often asked to talk about sleep, mental health and psychotherapy in the media. I believe passionately in the importance of sleep for our mental health – getting the message out there, how sleep works, what you can do to improve it and how I can support you is an ongoing conversation that I am happy to take part in.

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Quoted in The Telegraph

Insomnia rises during lockdown as people over-think sleeping habits


Catch Yerself On Podcast

Great fun to take part in this podcast: 
Struggling to sleep? Understanding insomnia

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Quoted in Elle Magazine

6 Best Weighted Blankets 

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Webinar Robert Half International

7 tips for better health and wellbeing at work

Meditation by the Beach

Appearing on
The Peaceful Soul

The Physical
Wellbeing 5

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Featured in The Sun
From avoiding TV to no nightcaps, how to never have a bad night’s sleep again

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Quoted in The Telegraph

Ten expert tips for a better night’s sleep


Quoted in the Daily Mail

I could do that in my sleep!

Appearing in Unilad

How To Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder During Lockdown

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