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Media and PR

As a psychotherapist with expertise in sleep, mental health, and psychotherapy, I frequently appear in the media, on podcasts and am a sought-after speaker at live events. In addition, I serve as the official spokesperson for UKCP on all sleep-related matters. If you're interested in having me appear or speak at your event, please don't hesitate to contact me using the contact form.


As seen in Woman's Health
Slept badly last night? These 5 hacks can help you get through the day

Contributor to The Independent

Hit snooze, Sunak: Why early riser Rishi might want to rethink his morning routine


Contributor to iNews

‘I go to bed at 6am and wake up at 3pm’: Life with delayed sleep phase disorder

Contributor to The Midst on Substack

Afraid your life is ordinary? You might have koinophobia

Patient Info

Is maladaptive daydreaming a sign of mental illness?

Patient info

CBT for insomnia: how does it work?

Contributor to National World
Sleep disorders: 19 conditions explained, including insomnia, sleep paralysis, sleep apnoea and narcolepsy

Contributor to National World
What are the different types of sleep? Non-REM and REM sleep stages defined, plus the sleep cycle explained

Quoted in The Telegraph

I’m stuck in the 3 am anxiety trap and I desperately need to find my way out

Featured in Stylist

How to improve hormonal health: Easy hacks to try - Stylist


Quoted in The Mirror

Don’t drink coffee after 2pm - and 12 other steps to have a good sleep

Quoted on Healthline

Exposure to Natural Light During the Day May Help You Sleep Better


Featured in Stylist

Bedtime procrastination: how to stop delaying and get a better night’s sleep


Quoted on Health Digest

Seasonal Affective Disorder May Affect More People This Year. Here's How To Prevent And Manage It

Featured on Patient info

How to fix your sleep schedule with a healthy bedtime routine

Contributor to Woman & Home
Which direction is best for sleep? This feng shui principle may help you fall asleep quicker


Quoted in Glamour

Had one too many late nights over the festive period? Here's how to get your normal sleeping pattern back


Contributor to The Sun
I still suffer night terrors – I see dead babies, ghostly men and even zipped myself INSIDE a suitcase when I was asleep


Contributor to The Independent
Want more sleep but can’t stop staying up late? You might be guilty of sleep procrastination

Contributor to Metro
The psychology of voicemails: are they really dead?

Contributor to Metro
Why does background noise help us sleep – and is it healthy to rely on it?


Contributor to Daily Mail
The women who only realised they had been raped MONTHS later.

Featured on News 24
Has Covid affected your sleep? Here’s how viruses can change our sleeping patterns


Contributor for Happiful
How to reset your sleep schedule in three days


Quoted for Refinery 29
Can Lucid Dreaming Improve My Waking Life?


Featured in The Mirror
Seven tips to getting a good night's sleep and the best time to nap during the day


Featured on Patient Info
Do naps count as sleep?


Contributed to Stylist
8 simple ways to improve your sleep for good, according to science


Featured in The Daily Mail
Confessions of a bedtime procrastinator: Do you put off heading for bed or find yourself cleaning the house at midnight?


Featured in The Sun
From avoiding TV to no nightcaps, how to never have a bad night’s sleep again


Contributed to Stylist
8 easy ways to start sleeping better, according to science


Contributed to The Telegraph
Ten expert tips for a better night’s sleep


Quoted in Sunday Edit
How to Recognise and Deal With High-Functioning Anxiety


Quoted in The Irish News
The people who clean and even garden all in a state of deep sleep


Quoted in Elle Magazine
7 Best Weighted Blankets


Quoted in the Daily Mail
I could do that in my sleep!

Contributor to the Mirror
Here's how much sleep you actually need to be properly rested and stay healthy

Appearing in Unilad
How To Cope With Seasonal Affective Disorder During Lockdown


Quoted at 'GoodToKnow'
Bedtime routine: How much sleep do children need?



Live Events

Chipping Norton Literary Festival

Summer at Great Alne Park - Did You Sleep Well?

Live event for Innermost
Sleep Well By Innermost: The Highlights

US book event for The Science of Sleep

Live Webinar for Robert Half International
7 tips for better health and well-being at work


Podcast Appearances

Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast
Let's Talk Insomnia + Anxiety


UKCP: Sweet Release of Sleep
Interviewed by Professor Sarah Niblock, CEO of the UK Council for Psychotherapy,


Chatting about sleep


Chris Bordoni Re-invent-ed


Catch Yerself On Podcast 
Struggling to sleep? Understanding insomnia


Online interview with The Peaceful Soul

Appeared on The Peaceful Soul
The Physical Wellbeing 5

Brand contributions



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