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Corporate workshops
and 1:1 executive coaching

Stress is a common result of situations, events and issues that negatively impact our well-being. Through her What is Stress? Sessions, Heather explores the in-depth physiology of stress and its effect on the body. These sessions look at a range of interventions and why they work, empowering attendees to replace their negative stress cycle with a positive cycle of self-care.

Heather’s workshops help each individual understand the stress response. Attendees can then identify techniques to individualise their own response to stress and to develop healthy, positive tools to improve their emotional resilience.

These workshops are designed to be engaging and interactive – not a lecture. Heather takes into account different learning styles, and the emotional needs of people who may be feeling well or who may already be highly stressed. She also takes care to understand the business context and adapt the sessions accordingly.

The complete programme is underpinned with a series of six weekly 1:1 sessions (more if required) either within the workplace or at a convenient location nearby. It is vital to state that the nature of this individual support is completely confidential and care is taken to agree how this part of the process proceeds.

Contact Heather for an informal discussion about how these sessions can support your staff through testing times. 


I found the session extremely helpful. I have a high-pressure career dealing with several external factors that are not easily controlled. Understanding stress from a physiological perspective has helped me feel less stressed while allowing my body to assist me in achieving results. I would thoroughly recommend this course.

Senior Associate, True Search



Before the workshop, I didn't know what to expect, but the workshop exceeded my expectations. I feel it is the sort of workshop everyone should take part in. Delivery was great and extremely informative and relatable. I feel I have learnt so much.

Station Manager (Control) Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

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