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5 tips to improve your sleep

  1. Realistically, it can be hard to shut off thinking about the next day activities, such as work responsibilities. A highly effective practice can be to set aside 20 minutes to write down all the things that occupy the brain’s to-do space. This puts them somewhere so that when they come up again, you know that you have captured the thoughts and have a plan as to what to do with them the next day.

  2. Keep the ‘three good things’ diary where your last thoughts recognise three good things in your day. We do this as a family, so we always end our day remembering three good things, and it has become a positive habit. It is also lovely to read back to see what was happening in previous months.

  3. If you are sensitive to caffeine, keep an eye on your consumption, especially a few hours before you go to sleep. Hot drinks should be either herbal or oat-based.

  4. Sleep is a sensory experience, so give yourself somewhere that you want to spend the night. Ensure you have the cosiest clean, comfortable bed and pillows in a dark room, which is not too warm. Is your mattress the right one for you? Investment in a decent bed can prove to be the best sleep aid out there!

  5. Think about the timing of exercise. We know that exercise is highly beneficial to sleep. However, a late intense workout will take some time to recover from. Allow yourself time to wind down and take a cool shower to reduce your core body temperature.

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